Baggizmo - the next frontier in wearing tech

Smartly designed everyday carry bag Easy to wear, highly functional with numerous compartments specially designed to look slim even when it’s full, made ergonomically with high-quality innovative materials which will make you look good, feel good and carry on with your day.

Baggizmo’s design smartly merges tech-aware and contemporary urban fashion,
promoting a new trend in wearing tech devices among men.

Baggizmo has achieved high ergonomy – fixed in a single point, but with the arrangement of elements, it takes the brunt of the bag (gravity) so that it is fixed to the body during usual body movements (walking, sitting, standing up, gently tilting etc.). In this way, the bag does not slip to one side, although it is strapped only to one shoulder. 

Specially designed compartments for a tablet, two smartphones, keys, wallet, headphones, power stick and more.

Mobile charging – in between the compartments, there are specially tailored (hidden) passages which allow the charging of a tablet with a power stick or the connection of headphones to a phone.

NFC integrated – the Baggizmo has integrated an NFC tag in the top front pocket. NFC (near field communication) is a wireless technology which allows the transfer of data such as texts or numbers. 

A pocket for headphones is placed on the padded shoulder strap. It helps avoid tangled cables while you have your headphones as close as you need – as you sit, walk or drive.

Baggizmo materials and original design elements

Comfort and wearing convenience have also been determined by the choice of quality materials that cling to the body, but still, allow the circulation of air between the bag and the body.

Baggizmo is made of quality and innovative materials that provide special protection against mechanical or heat damage.

Baggizmo is tailored from more than 30 parts of fabric with 90 separate actions that must be performed to a ready-sewn bag. In some parts of the bag, Baggizmo has 6 layers of materials and internal cushioning to be combined. Due to the complex and highly functional design, Baggizmo has a total of 12 layers of materials in a bag thickness of only one centimeter (0.4 inch).

It is made in two versions:
> the innovative textile Baggizmo
> the genuine leather Baggizmo.

With two versions of main material of the bag, you can choose silver or black matt finishing of buckles and different designs and colors of straps (black, pattern black, beige, pattern beige, gray or pattern gray).

Schoeller® (Switzerland, EU) produces highly-functional fabrics and innovative textile technologies for sport, work, lifestyle, fashion and office furnishings. They pay close attention to ecological safety and good design. Innovation in the design of fabrics had won them awards and put them in a leading position in pioneering changes.

The genuine leather Baggizmo is made of high-quality first selection genuine Italian Nappa leather brought directly from Veneto – a well-known leather producing region near Venice, Italy (EU).

Innovative textile Baggizmo

The genuine leather Baggizmo

Baggizmo buckles

 The buckles are an original Baggizmo design produced in the EU (Croatia) just for this bag. The buckles are made from Zamak, part of the zinc-aluminum alloy family, with a satin nickel surface treatment. Both buckles, silver or black matt finishing, have a really nice metal look and feel. The matt finishing is achieved with a high-performance cataphoretic lacquer with improved wear resistance.

Baggizmo straps

The straps are made in the EU (Belgium) of a superb mixed composition weave with a soft fiber feel but are rugged and unusually resistant at the same time.

Inner lining material – microfiber

This ultra-fine fiber is lightweight, durable, but soft and electrostatic. It is very good to use for gadget pockets because the material is often used to clean screens. And your Baggizmo gadget pockets will ensure that your screens are always clean.

Baggizmo keeps your things safe

 All the compartments have internal cushioning and are also lined with several layers of material that provide special protection against mechanical or heat damage.

Back of the bag

The back of the Baggizmo bag is made from breathable mesh material from Schoeller®-spirit fabrics. It’s cozy and comfortable, has good breathability and perfect weather protection. Its special mesh structures ensure ventilation combined with good protection.

Baggizmo advanced movement

For more active body movements (running, sharp leans forward as on a bike, jumping etc.), the Baggizmo bag is additionally fixed to a second point by using a buckle (bike hook shackle) that attaches to the pants, belt or back pocket.

Baggizmo – design references:

> Part of Selection for the future Croatian Design Museum

> Award CDS 15/16 – Croatian Design Society Award for The Best Integral Project in 2015 and 2016

> Elle Style Award Croatia for Product design, 2017

> Part of the exhibitions of Contemporary Croatian design “IN A NUTSHELL”

> Part of the unique exhibitions “It’s a Man’s World”,
Amsterdam’s Museum of Bags and Purses Tassenmuseum Hendrikje, 2016

> Part of designboom shop selection, 2016 and 2017

> Featured in Behance Industrial Design selection 2016

> Part of the design event Design District Zagreb, 2016

> Part of the exhibition Zagreb Design Week in product design selection, 2016

Customers about Baggizmo

Baggizmo gift packs and add-ons

Baggizmo is packed in electrostatic semitransparent envelope bag with a zipper on the top. It is only logical that a bag for gadgets is packed like technical equipment. The electrostatic bag also protects the NFC tag which is integrated into Baggizmo. The package contains branded materials and instructions for use and taking care of the Baggizmo bag.

Baggizmo gift packaging is an elegant textile packaging bag like is often used for storing exclusive bags. Just insert Baggizmo in the textile gift bag, write your personalized message on the compliments card and you’re ready for giving it as a gift.

Baggizmo add-ons can make a great gift pack if you want something extra with your Baggizmo bag.

Choose from two different powerbanks in two colors (silver and black), special edition pack, bike hook shackle, writing pad or Baggizmo awesome Tshirt.

Global sales

Baggizmo bag is today sold worldwide, in as many as 89 countries – primarily in the U.S., followed by Asia and Europe. Indicative is the fact that the bag is very popular in the Japanese market because the Japanese are known as demanding buyers.

Users satisfaction

According to a 2017 survey, a large majority of the users are very happy with Baggizmo bag’s, which made 80% of them say “YES, I will buy a Baggizmo bag again”.

Future products

According to a 2017 survey, a large majority of the users are interested in Baggizmo brand, which made 90% of them express their wish to use future Baggizmo products when they become available.
Baggizmo was completely designed and hand tailored in the EU,
including all used materials.
Baggizmo is being shipped worldwide from two different warehouses:
one located in the EU, and the other located in the USA.

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