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What is Baggizmo® Wiseward™?

Baggizmo® Wiseward™ is the world’s smartest and technologically most advanced bi-fold wallet. The best defense against today’s advanced hackers, pickpockets and our own forgetful mind, with 10 smart functions:

    • 2-way communication – phone and wallet tracking
    • Geolocation with push notification alarm
    • Proximity detection
    • Security movement and fall detection
    • Anti-theft distance sound alarm
    • UV lamp for detecting counterfeit banknotes
    • RFID protection section
    • NFC chip with programming options
    • RGB light with personalization of color
    • Wireless charging

With all the tech, 15 cards and cash inside, Wiseward™ still remains slim, pocket-sized and easy to use. The combination of a contemporary design, premium Italian materials and advanced technology has resulted in a stylish and practical wallet.

How does Baggizmo® Wiseward™ work?

Your Baggizmo® Wiseward™ is in sync with your smart phone. Your phone collects data from Wiseward™ sensors and uses advanced algorithms to process the collected data. If you forget your Wiseward™ you will get a notification that you have lost your phone and the info about the last location of your Wiseward™. You will find it easily in your home whenever you are in a hurry.

How can I charge Wiseward™?

You can charge Wiseward™ using QI wireless charging compatible charger. You can buy one in our store.

When your Wiseward™ battery is low it needs to be charged for at least four hours until it is full again!

What materials are used?

FSC® certificated eco-friendly innovative high-quality durable materials, that are water repellent and feel soft to the touch.

Made in Italy > originality, beauty and high-quality textures, emphasizing the essence of the Made in Italy fashion and style.

How many cards can I fit in Wiseward™?

Wiseward™ can hold up to 10 credit cards in two RFID protected sections, plus up to 5 cards in another section, intended for non-protected cards. The section without RFID protection enables you to use cards that must stay unblocked all the time – so you don’t have to pull them out of the wallet if you want to open the garage door, pass through a subway turnstile etc.

What is the size of Wiseward?

L1 = 3.7″ (9.5cm), L2 = 7.8″ (20cm), L3 = 9″ (10cm).

Weight: approx. 55 grams

Is Wiseward™ waterproof?

Our wallets are not completely waterproof but they will withstand any rain or splash of water. They are as waterproof as modern day smartphones are.

Can the Wiseward hold coins?

Yes, use the vertical card pocket – up to 5 coins can fit in it.

What color versions are available?

Currently you can choose between 6 different colors: true blue, cardinal red, jet black, nobel blue, sandy beige and vintage brown.


How much does Wiseward™ app cost?

Wiseward™ app is free.

What languages does Wiseward™ app support?

Currently, we only support English. More languages coming up soon.

What operating systems does Wiseward™ app support?

Wiseward™ app supports IOS and Android OS.

How do I connect my Wiseward™ with my smartphone?

Step No. 1

Download and install Wiseward™ smart wallet application.

Baggizmo ® Wiseward™

smart wallet application is available at Google Play Store and App Store or at


Step No. 2

Turn on your Wiseward™ wallet by putting it on your wireless charger or by clicking the power button.


Step No. 3

Run your Wiseward™ application. Click Connect Wallet and follow the instructions in Wiseward™ application.

How many devices can I synchronize with the app?

Only one device can be synchronized at a time. However, you can have multiple devices connected to your phone and you can switch between them.

How can I create an account?

For now, you can create an account only in Wiseward™ app.


How long does it take to charge the battery?

It takes about 4 hours to fully charge your battery.

Will I be notified when the battery is low?

Yes, the app will notify you when the battery is lower than 15%.

Can I replace the battery?

No, the battery is not replaceable. But it is rechargeable.

Can I turn up the volume in the Wiseward™?

Currently, you can’t turn the volume up in your Wiseward™.

What kind of battery is inside the Wiseward™?

Wiseward™ has two Li-ion 40 mAh batteries.

Where can I find reset/power button?

You can find reset/power button inside the wallet, just above the right LED diode.

How can I reset my wallet?

You can reset your wallet by holding the reset button for 10 seconds. After that, it will take a few seconds for your wallet to reboot.


How can I order Wiseward™?

You can order Wiseward™ on our webshop

Can I change my order?

We have an automatic order fulfilment system that delivers orders automatically. However, if you contact us on time, there is a chance you can change your order before it gets shipped.

Can I get a discount if I order more than one (two?) Wiseward™?

No, but you can have a 10% discount at all items in your first order.

How long does it take to deliver Wiseward™?

We offer three shipping options; depending on which one you choose, the delivery takes from 3 days to 5 weeks.

Can I order customized Wiseward™?

Yes, just add engraving to your order and specify up to three letters you wish to be engraved on your Wiseward™.

How long do I have to wait for my order to be fulfilled?

All orders made on working days by 1 pm EDT are fulfilled the same day.

Can I track my Wiseward™ order?

Yes, we will send you a tracking number as soon as your order gets shipped.

Do you ship Wiseward™ to my country?

We ship to more than 200 countries and territories; a complete list of the countries and territories and the available shipping options can be found on our website. (TBD)