Can't find a place for all your gizmos?

Looking good, man!

Presentation is done and you got your lucky jacket on. You are ready to kick some butt.

Get your gizmos.

Don't forget to take your keys, cell phone and your tablet, wallet, business cards and a pen. Maybe some chewing gum (we hope you don't smoke!).

Ugh... Not that sexy now?

Back pocket on your pants looks like birds are nesting inside and the front pocket might give that hot business partner the wrong impression. And you still haven’t find the place for your tablet.

This is where we step in

Put your gizmo in Baggizmo! It's a unique bag for all the gizmos and things you need to have at your fingertips at all times. Easy to wear (and to look at), made ergonomically with high-quality innovative materials which will make you look good, feel good and carry on with your day.

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Woohoo! Funded with Kickstarter!
We're so excited, knowing that Baggizmo is becoming a reality and all thanks to our fellow backers!
Thank you so much to everyone who pledged, posted on social networks, sent encouraging e-mails and supported us in any way possible.

HIGH 5! tribute to our backers

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Our Team

You can’t have a great project without a great team. And even if we could, we wouldn’t want to 😉 That is why we gathered a team of top-notch professionals to deliver you the best possible brand and product.

///// Founder of Baggizmo Ladislav Juric ///// Chief Design Officer Izvorka Juric /////
///// Product design by Manufakturist ///// Prototype production by KoArt /////
///// Branding by Izvorka Juric ///// Brand communication by Señor /////
///// Brand photography by Mladen Saric ///// Video production by Luka Vucic /////


If you are a member of the media and you would like to cover some topic related to Baggizmo or arrange an interview – please, contact directly our PR representative. Download our general press package:

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